The Chapel's Pavilion

The Chapel's pavilion was begun 1984, with the shell of the structure being funded with the assistance of a $50,000 loan from the Synod of Lincoln Trails. The loan was repaid and the structure completed by Chapel members in a "play as you pay" process that wasn't completed until 1990.

The rural and 'barn-like' structure was designed to retain the historic continuity between the pavilion and its rural environment, as well as to accent the historic prominence of the schoolhouse. We have emphasized stone, brick and wood in our buildings, and not aluminum, concrete, and plastic. We kept the height of the pavilion relatively low so as not to detract from the 19th century schoolhouse and thus to maintain its prominence on the site.

A separate worship facility is planned for construction to the south of the pavilion and immediately adjacent to the Memorial Garden to the east. The basement of this worship facility will house its mechanical rooms, and additional provide classroom space, with the main level having a worship space, restrooms and a spacious lounge on the eastern exposure leading out to a courtyard in the Memorial Garden. A brick walkway will connect the worship facility to the pavilion, with all parking to the west of the walkway to preserve pedestrian safety at all times.