King’s Sons and Daughters, Circle of the Lakes Chapter

Begun in 2014 through the leadership of Chapel member Sue Claphan, The Kings Sons and Daughters is an international Christian charity that has its roots in the Chautauqua conferences from the turn of the 19th century in Chautauqua, NY. As the influence of Chautauqua grew, the impact of this charity did as well, leading to the beginning of thousands of Christian charity and service organizations around the world.

Our King’s Daughters ladies make dresses that they give to Rev. Samuel Enders for distribution in Liberia, Africa. These dresses help identify these young girls as recipients of international care, thus protecting them from being victimized.

In addition, our King’s Daughters ladies provide to mothers of new born children at our local hospital inspirational books as gifts so that they can nurture their young children in faith, hope and love as they grow up.

The membership of The King’s Sons and Daughters is not restricted to Chapel members and we hope to see this organization grow in its influence here in Steuben County in the years to come!