Meet Our Associate Pastors

From 1997 until the summer of 2012 the associate pastor in charge of greetings at the Presbyterian Chapel of the Lakes was our church cat, Buckeye. Her duties include greeting the congregation each Sunday morning by walking amongst us and rubbing against our legs, visiting with the preschool children for daily hugs and kisses, and (on occasion) leaving various body parts of dead mice as an offering here and there within and without the facility.

Arriving as a stray, Buckeye (so named by Pastor Tom for reasons that we won't go into here) made herself an essential part of the Chapel's ministry and pretty much had the run of the place ever since she arrived. She shared office space with Pastor Tom, with whom she had a close working relationship, both in his pastoral ministry and in his work with the local courts on behalf of children in families going through the crisis of divorce.

The Chapel is very proud that Buckeye chose us for her home, and her ministry among us was a blessing and a comfort to us all through the many years she was with us!

From 2014 to the present the Chapel has a new associate pastor, Molly. Molly was rescued from the Katrina hurricane and adopted by Rev. Smith's daughter Monica. Following the death of Buckeye Monica decided that the Chapel needed a new associate pastor and she donated Molly. Molly adapted to her new role beautifully, coming out each Sunday morning from Pastor Smith's office to greet the congregation and to be groomed by Chapel member Bob Fielder.

Molly quickly snuggles next to anyone who visits Pastor Smith's office and is fulfilling her role as a therapy cat for families going through the trauma of divorce wonderfully.